Having spent a career in advertising and marketing, I know that paid advertising works. Television, radio, outdoor, print, you name the medium and I’ll show you a medium that is loaded with paid advertising and that includes the internet.

IMG_3289But, let me ask you something. The last time you personally made a purchase of over, say, $1,000, did you:

  1. Use the Yellow Pages?
  2. Hop in your car and go to a trade show?
  3. Check out your local newspaper looking for an ad?
  4. Respond to a piece of mail you received?

More than likely, you logged on your computer and searched Google for what you needed.

Research shows that as many as 98% of customers use an online search engine when they are looking to make a significant purchase. If your business can’t be found online using search terms (not your business name) you need to make some changes pronto!

The reality is that I make a living selling advertising, so what I’m going to tell you is pure heresy.

According to this study from earlier this year, 94% of all search clicks are on organic listings while only 6% are on PPC (Pay Per Click) ads.

This is not to say that PPC ads aren’t effective. Statistics also show that PPC ads generate more dollars per click than organic listings. At the same time, consumers trust organic listings over PPC by a 86%. But, does it matter? As always, it depends!

You don’t need to spend a fortune to advertise your business. As a matter of fact, you can market your business on the internet for virtually nothing!

Here are 5 free ways to help your business get found online now:

  • Optimize your keywords – Investigate which term (keywords and keyword phrases) potential customers are using when you want them to find your company. The most popular keywords may not be the best search terms to use because so many other similar businesses are using them. Sometimes it’s better to use words that are less frequently searched because you are likely to rank higher in search results.
  • Update your profiles in online directories – Consistency is key. Make sure that all the information about your business listed in online directories exactly matches the information on your website.
  • Start a blog – No one knows your business like you. Post relevant information about your business that is interesting and entertaining to potential customers. Post once a week or more. This is a good way to keep your website fresh and new which is what search engines are looking for.
  • Be active in social media – Your fans are your customers! They are your best sounding board for what you do and what you sell. Pick the platform that works best for you, be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other.
  • Make certain your Google+ page is correct and up to date – Bottom line: Your Google page is a free website Google provides for you. All you need do is populate it and verify it. The secret is, Google likes to reward users of their products. Businesses that use Google+ get a slight bump in search rankings on Google.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, contact us for a consult. There’s absolutely no cost or obligation for an online assessment of your website.

Oh, here is one last interesting tidbit: 75% of all searches involve organic SEO, while paid SEO (PPC) makes up the other 25%, making organic search 300% more effective!



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