My Dad’s favorite time of year was Christmas time.

vintage-christmas-ornamentDad just LOVED the holidays! From the Thanksgiving Dinner to the dropping of the ball on New Year’s Eve. We’d go out to the Christmas Tree lot to find the “perfect” tree. It always had to be a blue spruce. No other tree would do. We’d go out a week or so before Thanksgiving and it would sit in a bucket of water in the garage until a couple of week before Christmas. This was so the tree could “settle out,” so the boughs could naturally descend to their proper location. Of course, the branches would sag a little more with lights and ornaments, but that’s not a conversation that I ever heard. We did go to a tree farm to get “real” evergreen garland. These hung by the porch eave and around the front door with festive lights.

My Dad wanted to make certain that the spirit and fantasy of Christmas lasted as long as it could for his 8 kids. So much so that on Christmas Eve we all slept with a window open, just a bit, so we could hear Santa’s sleigh coming to deliver the goods. I swear I could hear them! I didn’t know until years later that my Dad would go out on Christmas Eve and ring a strap of sleigh bells that normally hung on the front door under each of our windows.

My Dad just couldn’t get enough of the holiday season. He truly was Santa Claus!

So, who’s going to be your Santa Claus this holiday season? Who’s going to see to it that among the billions of blogs and websites available to web surfers they’re going to happen upon yours?

I may not be Santa Claus, but I can help with 5 tips on how to help potential customers find your website this holiday season and all year long.

  • Own Your Domain Name – Nothing says “professional” more than a domain name that is your name! ( Oh, you can use WordPress, or something similar to host your blog, but why–when you can own your own domain for far less than you think? If you can work keywords into your domain name (Hint: Your business name is a keyword) so much the better. Or, if you prefer, what you specialize in as your domain: ( Bonus tip: Get an email address along with your domain. is far more professional than (sorry, Google).
  • Use Linkbaiting – What’s Linkbaiting? Well, you’re looking at an example right now. You clicked on this blog because you’re interested in “5 Insider Tips for Better Website Visibility.” Get them on your site and keep them there with great content.
  • Get Listed on as Many Directories as You Can – It’s simple. Our LocalConnect+ product does that for you! The more places your domain name is, the more likely a potential customer can find you!
  • Share, Share and Share Again – You have a Facebook page. You have a Twitter stream. Maybe you have a Pinterest or Snapchat Account. Use them to promote your business! Promote ideas and content that is relevant to your business and link to the specific place on your website where customers can find more of what they are looking for.
  • Blog – “But what should I write about?” Talk and write about what you know. You’re the expert! No one understands your business like you do. Prospects visit your site looking for answers to their problems. Show them that you are the expert. Not only that, blogging updates your website on a regular basis (which Google search likes) and that’s good for driving up your visibility.
5 Insider Tips

Santa is Coming!

Now…I want to introduce you to Santa Claus, Next Stage Marketing.

All the tips listed above? We use them for ourselves and our clients every day. We can help you with them and the beauty of it is, we love doing it!

Contact us. Tell us what your greatest concern about marketing your website and your business is and we’d be happy to lend you an ear and, maybe, a little free advice. We also offer a free analysis of your web visibility. All you need is ask.

Don’t forget to write Santa a nice letter too!