Best Practice: Responding to a Negative Online Review

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Who doesn’t love a compliment? Don’t we all like to be recognized for the quality of our work or how good we look in a new suit? One of my favorite quotes is by Ken Blanchard: “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” When we hear what we do well or learn about changes we can [...]

How Long Does It Take for Advertising to Work?

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Several years ago, there was a big box appliance store with multiple locations in southeast Michigan that promoted a one-day sales event on New Year’s Day. The TV commercial was memorable. It dramatized a “sale so big” that people we were lined up outside the store with faces pressed against the glass for hours before [...]

5 Insider Tips for Better Website Visibility

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My Dad’s favorite time of year was Christmas time. Dad just LOVED the holidays! From the Thanksgiving Dinner to the dropping of the ball on New Year’s Eve. We’d go out to the Christmas Tree lot to find the “perfect” tree. It always had to be a blue spruce. No other tree would do. We’d [...]

The Cold Call Is Dead!

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I can’t think of a bigger waste of time (for my business) than making cold calls. Whether they are on the phone or in person, cold calling is quite possibly the worst method of generating revenue. In the embryonic stage of my career, I did very well with cold calling. This was pre-internet. Pre-Google. Pre-social [...]

“You’re Fired!”

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The first time I fired a client, I was an account executive at a television station. My fellow sales people were shocked to hear me say I was going to fire a client. Now, this wasn’t just any firing. I didn’t storm into their office bolding proclaiming, “You’re fired!” although there were times when I [...]

Blurred Lines: The Price of Courage

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When I made my entrepreneurial leap I decided two things. I would only work with people who are fun to work with. And, I wouldn’t compromise my values. I had had enough negativity in the corporate world and I didn’t like the direction it was going. Entrepreneurship has its rewards and challenges, but holding on [...]

“My Website Sucks!” Or Does It?

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6 reasons why your website sucks--or not.

MYTH: Inbound Marketing Is Free

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Myth or fact? Inbound marketing requires the extensive resources of people and time to be successful.

On the Path to Purchase: Is Your Website a Lead Magnet?

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Is Your Website a Lead Magnet? Your website is an essential component of your branding and marketing strategy.

Parsing Words: Best Day to Send Email

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Parsing Words: Best Day to Send Email. Ever wonder when is the best day to send your business emails?