When it comes to trying something new…parasailing, online dating or spicy Thai-Mexican food…whatever your dream…whatever your adventure, do you go first?


Or somewhere in the middle?

Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

In some things, I will gladly go first. As the first-born in my family, my parents held the bar pretty high for me. I had to lead by example. Going last was never an option when it came to family matters. The responsibility fell fully upon me to lead. It’s the burden (and blessing) of being the oldest.

I don’t consider myself an early-adopter but I did adopt technology at a rather fast pace compared to others. Remember when everyone fussed about how complicated it was to set up a VCR? I was single. I had no one else to help me. I had to learn if I wanted to record my favorite TV programs. So when the power went out, no flashing numbers for me. I could fix that!

18546409_s going firstCar phone? I was the second person in my office to have a car phone. It was an indispensable tool for a working mom. We brought a computer into our home in the late 80’s. I was the one to set it up and connected to the internet.

From Nextel’s click-to-talk to Blackberry to Android, I’ve set up every phone and tablet I’ve ever owned. I don’t see myself as an early-adopter, but I’m rarely far behind.

Being a media and marketing junkie for my entire career, the transition from traditional advertising to online marketing didn’t happen overnight. But, as eyeballs left one medium and shifted to online search, I couldn’t help myself. If you want to remain at the top of your game, you adapt…or die!

Today we help our clients develop an online marketing strategy that pulls people toward their website. While nearly every business owner we meet with has a website, very few have an online marketing strategy to go with it. Why is that?

Is it a fear of going first?

Are they too busy to put one together?

Is it fear of failure?

I suspect that it’s because like Dr. King told us, they can’t see the whole staircase so they take no action at all.

80% of every dollar spent today begins with an online search. That searcher doesn’t know where the path may lead, but they search anyway. They don’t hesitate to go first.

It’s too late to be an early adopter of online marketing strategies, but it isn’t too late to create one. Today is the first day of the rest of your business life. Have faith. Go first! And be amazed at how high the staircase takes you.

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