Did you know that almost everyone has an email account? Your friends, your family and yes, your customers have email accounts. Whether it’s a personal note or a business announcement like a sale or event notice, email ROI is roughly $44.25 for every $1.00 spent. That’s a heck of a return!

jump-start-email-marketingIf you aren’t using email marketing program to promote your business, you are missing a gigantic opportunity!

Here are 3 simple tips to jump start your email marketing program:

1. Use a business email address. If you don’t have one that matches your domain name, get one! Most web domains come with at least one email address. Contact your domain provider or web developer to set one up.

A corporate email address always makes your business appear more professional and established than the free email account that came with your service provider, Gmail, Yahoo! or something similar.

2. Find an affordable, easy-to-use platform like Constant Contact or MailChimp if you are just getting started. They provide:

Analytics-You will know which messages get the most attention. Who opens them, who clicks on a CTA, who may respond to them and, perhaps most importantly, who forwards them to a potential new customer.

Social Integration-Email and social media platforms work great together. Why? Because your ‘subscribers’ are already your friends, followers and customers, thus making them far more likely to be accepting to your messages and passing them along.

Responsive Design-In our experience well over 50% of all emails are opened on mobile devices which means they are more likely to be read almost immediately. Translation: responsive design = easily readable on any mobile device.

Personalization-Despite the fact that you are sending out a mass email, each one is addressed to an individual making each message personal.

3. Do NOT purchase an email list. It’s rarely a good idea. No matter how they are broken down demographically you will always find that a large percentage of the addresses are either no longer current or, worse yet, not a relevant prospect for your business. Since you’re paying per address, that’s a lot of wasted time and money. The best email addresses are those you have gathered from current customers, prospects you have actually spoken to at trade shows, opt-in landing pages on your website, or even someone you randomly met and they offered you their email because they expressed an interest in your business. The important thing is that they have given you permission to email them! Otherwise you run the very real risk of unsubscribes and possibly being labeled a spammer!

Next Stage Marketing specializes in inbound marketing solutions including email marketing. We call it relationship marketing. We set up, segment, and create emails for your business delivering them for a reasonable rate.

Contact us for more information.  We’d love to get that email database working for you!


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