This blog is about 3 things:

1. The cost of doing your online marketing yourself.
2. The thinking folly that says, “Millennials are the best online marketers.”
3. Why consistency matters.

Here we go!

I never purchased a Rolling Stone album. Yes, I am ‘that old!’ I wasn’t quite a teenager, but I was definitely tuning in to the radio to hear the songs of my generation. But I was more compelled to spend my small discretionary funds earned from babysitting on a Beatles album. As I sat down to write this blog today, it was a Rolling Stones song playing in my mind because it so perfectly ties this blog’s subject matter together for me. Give a listen to “Time Is On My Side” right HERE.



As an agency owner and full-time marketer, I’ve spent my entire career seeking knowledge, being competitive, and staying relevant as media and marketing shifts occur. From the rise of cable to the collapse of newspapers and yellow pages, I’ve worked in and had experience with more forms of marketing than today’s Millennial will have in the next 10 years.

Before you think I’m slamming Millennials, I’m not. My sons are both Millennials. They are fine, upstanding, young professionals in their chosen fields and I am extremely proud of them. My point is I have experiential knowledge that precedes the birth date of today’s oldest Millennial. It’s like having an Encyclopedia of Media and Marketing in my head every day.

Oh wait! Encyclopedias have become irrelevant. Even libraries won’t take them!

I love working with my clients. Once we create a custom marketing plan for their business and their goals, it’s time to execute. That’s when we get to work. We write. We produce. We schedule. We execute your marketing strategies on time every time!

That’s consistency. That’s the result of decades of knowing and doing. We execute. Every. Single. Day.

It’s fun to watch the results. From new business leads to increased web traffic and sales, it’s always a thrill when it happens.

And, my clients are happy when we produce results too!

What’s painful is watching business owners struggle to do it themselves. They mean well. They’re trying to save a few dollars by not hiring a professional. But, the results aren’t there. I’ve had clients and lost clients who thought they could do what we do and save a few dollars. The lure of do-it-yourself.

DIY makes sense sometimes, especially around your home. Those DIY projects make sense because the work is more like a hobby or a craft. It’s fun—but not if you have to do it every day.

When you own a business, marketing truly is your full-time job. Without it, something happens.


Without prior knowledge and experience, DIY marketing becomes expensive. You may not have all the inside information, current trends and relevant tools. And, with so many marketing pieces to write for, produce and manage, how will you find time to work IN your business instead of ON your business?

I recently worked on a project with a new business. In the excitement of starting her company, she launched into her own DIY Facebook promotion. Suddenly she had three Facebook Company Pages plus an Instagram page. She didn’t know why she had three. She didn’t know how she did it. It was a mess.

I was asked to “fix it” but it took HOURS to resolve. She thought she was saving money but in reality, it cost her BIG TIME! Ugh. What a waste of marketing dollars. That’s when DIY marketing becomes TOO EXPENSIVE!

That’s why knowledge and experience matters.

I recently turned over the management of a Facebook Page to an owner’s nephew, a young college graduate. She felt he could take it over and without saying so, she was reducing his expenses. The funny thing was the young man asked for the login credentials—which immediately revealed that he had absolutely no experience working on a Facebook Page. Company Pages don’t have login credentials. Your ability to manage a Facebook Company Page relies upon you being made an Admin or an Editor.

They haven’t made a post on their page since it happened.

Knowledge and experience matter. Consistency matters more.

Back to The Rolling Stones.

I might be old enough to remember albums, but time really IS on my side.

I’m still here. I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and experience in several marketing mediums. I’m still producing. And, I’ll be waiting when these clients come back.

The question is, can you really afford to go it alone on your marketing? You can SAVE MONEY and you can DO-IT-YOURSELF. The price is the mistakes you make along the way. The things you don’t know. The opportunities you miss. There’s a price to be paid for that. But, you did it yourself and it was FREE…right?

Successful marketing is about PERSISTENCE. When you are persistent in any endeavor you accumulate knowledge and experience. You develop expertise and your ability to produce results expands. The Rolling Stones might have gotten their start in the 60’s, but today they are a multi-million dollar empire.

Whether you hire a pro or do-it-yourself, persistence matters and there’s a price to be paid for that. Just ask Keith Richards.