First the bad news, your email database declines between 22 and 23% every year.

You’ve seen your bounce rate go up. You’ve seen your emails returned to you. The reality is that people move from one job to another, opt-out of your communications and sometimes decide to close the email account that they only use for filling out online forms.

The smart email marketer is always adding fresh new contacts to their email marketing database.

Great! The question is: How? 

Let me start with what you should never do and that is to buy an email list. They’re expensive and chances are  good that they won’t match your target audience  anyway.

There are many ways to build your contact list for free. Here are my Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Email Database Fresh:

  • By Using Email: Create useful email content that is readily shared by your current contact list. You want your content to be forwarded to their friends, their family, their colleagues and the only way to do that is to make it amazing!  Add social sharing buttons to your emails, perhaps an ‘Email to a Friend’ button or a ‘Subscribe’ Call-to-Action to encourage those who were forwarded the email to opt-in too.
  • Create an Email Opt-in Campaign: Send an email to your list that you think may be a little stale. Encourage them to re-opt-in with an intriguing offer and promise to remove all contacts that don’t respond. It may seem odd to remove contacts to grow your list, but it will improve your delivery rate and the potential that your message will be shared.
  • Create an online tool or resource: That requires an email address to access.

Here’s an example that we use.

Get a FREE assessment of your website.

In order to access the free assessment, you have to give us your email address. Quid pro quo and all that.

  • Use Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn: Create an offer (like the one above) to your social media contacts that requires an email address to access. Sometimes they’re some of the same people, but the sharing potential is also greater.
  • QR Codes: While becoming a bit passe, they are still a good, fast link to contact you.

I am quite certain you can think of a couple dozen more, but these 5 are a few of my favorites. What are some of yours?

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