What is the first thing you do nearly every morning?

Besides getting up and going to the office, what is the first thing you do once you get there?

If you’re anything like me, the first thing done every morning is check your email inbox.

email-marketingIf your inbox is similar to mine, it’s not always a pleasant experience. There are hundreds of missives to weed through and a large majority of them are of absolutely no interest at all. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say 85 to 90% of them are what I would classify as unwelcome.

So why am I going to suggest to you that you should be sending more email?

Simple. As a marketing tool, emailing your current customers is the best return on investment of nearly all of your marketing efforts.

I’m going to first assume you have an email database of your current customers. If you don’t, why not? A basic tenet of business is that it is easier to sell to a repeat customer than to find a new one.

Here are 5 excellent reasons to email your customers:

  • 91% of US adults like to receive promotional emails from businesses they frequent. (MarketingSherpa,)
  • You reach your customers on any device. Studies show that more emails are read on mobile devices than any other source. 53% of total email opens occurred on a mobile phone or tablet in Q3 2014. A full 48% increase from Q2 in the same year! (source: Experian-quarterly email benchmark report)
  • Your potential audience is unlimited. Depending upon the message, your email has a potential audience in the millions as your loyal customers forward it to their friends who pass it along to their friends who pass it along…
  • Email is nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in acquiring new customers. (McKinsey)
  • Lastly, email marketing achieves an ROI of $44.25 for every dollar spent. Does your other marketing and advertising deliver that much? (Outbound Engine)

There are easily a couple dozen more reasons that you should be marketing via email. Self-imposed space and time restraints prevent me from listing them. Suffice it to say that it is a marketing tool you really ought to consider implementing.

At Next Stage Marketing we can help. Not only can we help you with your email marketing efforts, we are digital marketing specialists devoted to getting your business found online.

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