Survive or Thrive?

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Being resilient is the key For this marketer, the first two weeks after the stay-at-home orders were issued were a complete train wreck. Every client’s marketing plan, every email campaign, video and social post planned and scheduled was reviewed. Most of it was torn from the schedule. While businesses shifted in response to the pandemic [...]

In Search of More Light Bulb Moments

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Last night I was having dinner with a long-time friend. He and I met when he first came to work in the sales department of a local television station where I was employed as an account executive. We’ve been close friends ever since. It was not unusual for us to hash out creative ideas and [...]

Is Your Restaurant Earning Its Fair Market Share?

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A Man’s Gotta Eat Of course, women also eat. Teenagers definitely must eat. Children eat – even the picky eaters eventually eat something. If you want to live, eating is essential! When it comes to eating, people have choices. Lots of them. In the U.S., there are more than one million restaurants. And, their annual [...]

Are You Too Busy to Create & Execute Your Marketing Strategies?

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When I ask a business owner what their greatest marketing challenge is today, the answer generally falls under the category of time, or their lack of time more specifically. Business is good! Business is great, they say! They are doing all they can do to stay up with the demands of the day-to-day running of [...]

Got Indexed?

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Are you happy with the traffic your website is generating? Yes? No? Not sure? When the Google bots crawl your website, they decide whether your page is worthy of being indexed.  “Indexing” is the process of adding webpages into the Google search database. If the content is original, fresh and relevant, it is likely to be indexed. [...]

What Is Your Time Worth?

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Or, how much money are you wasting paying someone else to do work you know how to do?  The old axiom, “Time is money,” never seems to wear out. I’ve never met a person who didn’t want more money; but it seems that in today’s on-demand world, there’s never enough time. Time is our most [...]

3 Timeless Lessons for DIY Marketers

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This blog is about 3 things: 1. The cost of doing your online marketing yourself. 2. The thinking folly that says, “Millennials are the best online marketers.” 3. Why consistency matters. Here we go! I never purchased a Rolling Stone album. Yes, I am ‘that old!’ I wasn’t quite a teenager, but I was definitely [...]

Can You Afford to Wait?

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Time. There is so much to be said about time. You can’t go back and retrieve time. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Time never stops. Many people believe time is always moving forward and doesn’t stop until the day you die. Or does it? Nobody really knows. Trains, people, cities, governments and countries all run [...]

Surprising Communication Technology for the Digital Age Connects People

By |May 10th, 2018|Communications|

A few months ago, word got back to me that someone was talking about me behind my back. The scenario both surprised and delighted me! They weren’t talking badly about me. They were surprised at my communication approach with them. How novel... and funny! I used a tool that’s been available in transcontinental America for [...]

Are Tech Titans the New Robber Barons?

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WHAT’S HAPPENING? You would have to be living on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to not be aware of the Facebook data collection and privacy issues story that broke last week. The story has dominated the news cycle for several days with Mark Zuckerberg finally agreeing to testify before Congress [...]