Time. There is so much to be said about time.

You can’t go back and retrieve time. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Time never stops. Many people believe time is always moving forward and doesn’t stop until the day you die. Or does it? Nobody really knows.

Trains, people, cities, governments and countries all run on time… until they don’t. Then there’s chaos.

There is running on time and there is late. Late means waiting; for the next train, for more timely information, for the next opportunity. If there is one.

Waiting isn’t always the result of being late. Sometimes we wait because it’s not time yet.



One of my personal strengths is organizational skills. I like being organized. Organization makes life and my work much more efficient and fun! Organization makes life easy. My friends and coworkers comment on my organizational skills as if I possessed some superpower. I take their comments in stride. I can’t imagine life any other way.

A large part of being organized includes being sensitive about time.

That means showing up at meetings and appointments on time. It also means not missing deadlines. Those calendar items are very specific and keep our lives moving on time.

Organization is also about avoiding procrastination. It’s about doing what needs to be done before it needs to be done. It’s also about recognizing when you have all the information you need to make a decision. It’s time. Decide. Act.

Time. Marches. On.

Time is money.

Waiting can be expensive.

In the years since I’ve worked in the advertising biz, I’ve watched far too many business owners procrastinate about marketing decisions that could help improve their business. Given the facts, the circumstance and the solutions, they choose to put off a decision. They wait.

I am not always sure what they are waiting for.

Perhaps they need more information. Perhaps they will get it from someone other than me.

Perhaps there is no trust. Maybe I am not the right person.

Perhaps they don’t have the money.

Perhaps it’s already too late.

Too often, some business owners wait too long. They wait until it’s too late. There was no amount of information, or confidence, or money that could have helped them decide.

Time simply moved on.

And so did their customers.

Sometimes, they call me back. To be honest, it is painful to speak to a prospect a year or two after a presentation and they are finally ready to decide.

The problem is that the original solution no longer applies. Because they procrastinated, and their problem has gotten exponentially worse, it’s going to be even harder and often more expensive to fix.

Now they are also challenged with the cost of waiting.

Most of us understand the concept of the ‘cost of waiting’ as it relates to saving for retirement. When we begin saving for retirement at an early age, the amount we need to save each month is small. If we wait 10 or 20 years, we lose the compounding effect so we have to save a larger amount each month. By committing to living on a small percentage less than our full earnings, we save more money over time.

Pay now; play later.

The cost of waiting applies to marketing your business too. Investing in your marketing consistently over time helps you find the right customers and build sales. A marketing budget attached to a strategy executed over time produces results. By staying focused on results, you remain aware of changes in the marketplace or changes in technology that can help or hinder your business over time. It’s when you stop investing in marketing, and you stop learning about new and creative ways to reach customers, that you lose time AND money.

There is no momentum. There is no customer base. There is no plan.

Stop waiting.

Make things happen.

If you need more information to make a decision, find the information….and then decide.

Time won’t wait for you.

Your customers won’t wait for you either.

Someone will always be ready on time.

Decide today if that someone is you.