The mind of a marketing and advertising junkie is a busy one. We are all bombarded with thousands of advertising messages every day. Everywhere you look a message is leaving its impression on you. It’s unavoidable. Aware of what advertising is and how it works keeps my mind working overtime. I see good ideas, bad ideas and every once in a while, I see ideas that knock it out of the park.

Recently I found the exact business I needed because the owner “gets it” when it came to naming his business and getting found online.

For two years I’ve babied an avocado tree that I’ve grown in a pot. I am beyond ready to plant it in the yard, but my yard is small with no space for a tree that is going to grow to 25-30 feet.

A few weeks ago, I was working outdoors and decided that the single orange tree in middle of my tiny backyard just had to go. We don’t eat many oranges and the tree wasn’t producing much fruit anyway. One word to my husband and the tree was down, cut up and ready to become a nice load of sweet-smelling mulch. The only barrier to getting my avocado tree in the ground was the stump of the orange tree. I needed a stump grinder guy.

I asked a few of my friends if they knew of anyone who did such work. No referrals came my way. One evening I was driving down a main boulevard when I spotted a truck parked in front of a restaurant. I couldn’t miss his message, “Stump Grinder Guy” was lettered down both sides of his truck. I found exactly what I needed!

I didn’t get the phone number and I didn’t see his website address as I drove past, but I knew exactly who to call.


John Vaillancourt, the Stump Grinder Guy

I Googled “stump grinder guy” and found John. His listing was at the top of the page just under a paid ad for similar services. His Google listing popped up on the top right too. Of course, I called John and a few days later he came to my home and ground out the stump of the unwanted orange tree. He dug up another large plant for me too. John also gave me a great story to share with you about marketing your business online.

John knows his business. He’s done this type of work for a very long time. We talked about the Stump Grinder Guy handle. Originally, he’d chosen a different name for his business but in an online world, how do you stand out? John also knows his customers. When someone needs a stump ground out they look for a “stump grinder guy”. John’s company name and strongest SEO keyword is exactly what people are looking for. I asked my friends for a stump grinder guy and I found John online at

John chose a memorable name for his business and put it in big bold letters on his truck—his portable billboard that goes everywhere he goes. And, by the way, John’s business cards are made from a very thin piece of wood. Flexible like a traditional business card but you can feel the texture of the grain. John carried his message and his branding on everything. John is a smart marketer.

What can we learn from John’s story?

Understand what you do. Know what your customer wants. Carry your message through on everything.

It might be too late to rename your business but it’s never too late to improve your marketing strategy. There is always room for improvement. Perfect isn’t a destination, it’s a process. Getting found in an online world requires an assiduous effort using the tools and strategies available. When you are ready to take your company to its next stage, contact Next Stage Marketing. We have the tools, strategies and resources to help you get your business found online.

Your customers are looking for you online. Are they finding you, or your competition?