Is checking email one of the first things you do in the morning? Never mind whether it’s good or bad for you, checking email is part of our morning routine–grab a cup of coffee, check email. Let the day begin!

email-marketingEmail as a communication tool has evolved in the past decade as users move their short communications from email to texting and social media. My inbox today hosts multiple email accounts with important business communications and subscriptions, including marketing from stores and brands I do business with. For me, the Sunday newspaper with all of its advertising has given way to direct communication from the retailer via my inbox; to be read on my timetable, on any device, and deleted without having to recycle.

What about you? Have you harnessed the power of email to grow your business? Do you realize what you are missing?

Email was named as the top channel in terms of acceptability across all types of marketing messages in a survey by Exact Target.

From travel alerts and purchase receipts to promotional messages and polls, email is viewed as the most appropriate direct channel for brands to communicate with consumers. The survey found that 94% of consumers prefer at least one form of marketing communication come through email. The only exception is unsolicited, commercial messages that come from an unknown sender (i.e., SPAM).

Now here’s another startling fact from the study: Consumers prefer brands and companies to engage with them through email marketing over social media.


Now that you know these facts, what do you think about email as a communication tool for your business?

Email is affordable and easy to get started. Pressed for time? Hire a professional. A pro can accomplish more in an hour than you can in three. And, if your customers prefer to hear from you via email over some other marketing method, isn’t the investment worth it?

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