The power of Facebook as a marketing tool is undeniable. With over 2 billion users, it’s important to be part of the conversation. But, in a world that never stops talking, how do you stand out?

In the words of Albert Einstein, “Be a voice, not an echo.”

Standing out in an online world that is cluttered with noise and dissonance is the everyday challenge of an online marketer. With the click of a button, we step into a stream where it seems that everyone has something to say about everything. Whether we like it or not, everyone has become a publisher, a broadcaster. They say what they say because they think it needs to be said—even if it doesn’t add value to the conversation.

Even if it’s a lie or a distortion. More fake news. An echo.

Being an echo feels good because an echo is a member of a community. It doesn’t matter that the echo feeds off itself. Echoes build camaraderie. The crowd moves with the echo current simply because someone else said so.

It’s far more daring to be a voice. To stand up and be different. To step away from the echo.

Ignore the echo. Produce work that stands out. Be original. Be professional.