Finding good blog content can be a challenge—especially if you’ve been writing for a while. I’ve had a “Top 5 Marketing Decisions You Should Stop Doing in 2018” blog rambling around in my head for about a month. It was triggered when once again, the annual Yellow Pages book was recently left at my front door.

While a “5 Things” blog sounds like a good idea, the Yellow Pages message kept bubbling up to the top. Sometimes these things just have to smack you upside your head before you take action!

“Hey! Forget 5 things. Write the Yellow Pages blog!”

A few days ago, I received a call from a long-time client. A second-generation business owner, she wanted my opinion on her Yellow Pages renewal of $800 per month. I could barely hold myself back!

In its day, Yellow Pages was everything. When her company started, they built their business with Yellow Pages advertising. The bigger (and more expensive) the ad, the closer you were to the front of your business category. To succeed, a business had to be in the Yellow Pages.

But, times have changed, which means your business decisions must change too. The focus today is getting your business listed on page one of a Google search. There are dozens of ways to help improve your search rank – and the Yellow Pages book isn’t one of them.

I reminded my client that her online presence was secure with the LocalConnect+ we manage for her, which includes a listing on and 70 other online portals.  Locating a business today is as simple as a search on your smartphone. Type in a few words and you get the most relevant listings for your location. Google, Bing, and Yahoo do all the work with a click of a fingertip. Hands down, page one of a Google search is where shopping decisions are being made.

When the Yellow Pages book was left at my door, I did an informal poll on my Facebook page asking my friends whether or not they still used the Yellow Pages. It was a unanimous and resounding no! Of course, this isn’t a scientific poll, but across all age groups, my friends are Googling instead of using the Yellow Pages. Yes, even the folks over 70.

The Yellow Pages in book form is so last century!

No more looking for the Yellow Pages book, flipping through the pages and sorting out the messaging. And don’t even get me started on the environmental impact of this primitive form of advertising. Landfills across America are full of these things.

Now that I’ve written this blog, guess where my Yellow Pages is going…