Are you happy with the traffic your website is generating?

Yes? No? Not sure?

When the Google bots crawl your website, they decide whether your page is worthy of being indexed.  “Indexing” is the process of adding webpages into the Google search database. If the content is original, fresh and relevant, it is likely to be indexed. The bots decide that people will be pleased when they search and find this page. An indexed page will rank higher than a non-indexed page in a search.

The lack of useful content is the biggest reason pages aren’t indexed. Perhaps the content is duplicated elsewhere. Maybe it isn’t relevant. A lack of indexing hurts your search rankings.

If you’re not happy with your website traffic, here is a marketing statistic you can no longer ignore:

Websites with blog content get 434% more pages indexed in search engines.



One of the best ways to help your site get found in a search is to continually provide new content for the bots to crawl and index. The best way to provide new, fresh content is blogging. Blogging is presenting relevant information in either written form or on video. Written form is most common and is usually commentary or insight on your product, service, or the market. Video is typically only used to demonstrate a product feature or show the advantages of using your service. Video cannot be a copy of your television commercial. The bots don’t like blatant commercial advertising.

Blogs add new content to your website on a regular basis. It gives the bots more opportunities to rank your site higher. In the real world, it helps people who are searching for someone who does what you do to find YOU and not somebody else. Blogging establishes YOU as the thought leader or the subject matter expert in your market. It is you sharing your expertise, your experience, and your insider knowledge to build relationships with your customers.

Like all marketing activities, blogging takes time. There’s research, writing, editing/proof-reading, and publishing. It could be as much as 2-3 hours to write a compelling, informative, persuasive blog that is grammatically correct.

If you aren’t blogging because you don’t have the time, it’s time to have Next Stage Marketing write your blogs for you.

We have the expertise to develop content that is relevant to your customers. We develop a content calendar, a schedule, and produce professionally-written copy for your feedback and approval.

Marketing is what we do. And we have the talent and experience to produce all of your marketing content, so your message is consistent across all platforms. We will take you to the next stage in marketing your business and more people will find your website in an online search.

Remember, 83% of every dollar spent today begins with an online search.

Are people finding your business in an online search – or your competition?

It’s time to contact Next Stage Marketing. It’s time to start blogging.