Occasionally, while browsing on social media, you may run across an odd, but somehow intriguing, questionnaire designed to give you some insight into yourself. I often wonder what sort of algorithm they use to determine the results, but that really isn’t the point of this conversation.

One question I’ve seen recently is: “What would your superpower be?”, with one of the options being the power of invisibility.

While I can imagine some advantages of being able to turn one’s body invisible at will, I cannot figure how one could also turn his clothing invisible as well; leading to the obvious conclusion that you’d have to be naked at the same time.

While this wouldn’t cause any issues of a modesty nature, I can certainly imagine major problems in a comfort vein. After all, I live in Michigan and the climate would severely limit its application, perhaps resulting in a high cost in bodily comfort and health.

But, what about your business? Is it invisible to those who initiate purchases with an online search?

Invisible Did you know that 46% of small businesses in the United States still don’t have a website of their own?  (small business computing)

Did you also know that 83% of consumers begin their buying experience, whatever it is they are looking to buy, with an online search?

Operating without a website in today’s business climate is almost the same as being invisible. Have you ever thought of the cost of invisibility?

Running and funding a small business can be tough, especially when you’re just trying to find enough money to keep the lights on. The internet is complicated and confusing. Most of us (by now) have a rudimentary understanding of computers, but the technology and its rapid evolution is beyond most of us and is almost impossible to keep up on.  Then there are the giant e-tailers of the world (think Amazon) that have to be taken into account, so you know you have to be online in some way, so you market yourself on social media, you sell on eBay, or Etsy. You use the services available to you that are relatively simple to use.

A common roadblock you run into is a limited marketplace.

When you have your own website, you open yourself up to the entire World!

Surveys show you’re worried about technical knowledge, you’re worried about support, maintenance, security, time…and you’re worried about cost.

Here are some very real advantages of having a website of your very own:

  • Status: Having your own page instantly gives you the same credibility as “The Big Guys” online. Plus, it gives you a platform to invite visitors to access your social media sites. It can even give you a branded, business email address. Gmail is fine for personal use, but wouldn’t yourname@yourbusiness.com give you more clout? A branded email says you are serious about your business and not just a hobbyist.
  • Control: You control the message. It’s your site, do with it what you want. You know more about your business than anyone. Don’t be afraid to show your expertise. Then there’s this: Your business IS listed online and you may not even know it! Often with incorrect information! It’s time to take control of your site!
  • Location: While nearly everyone shops online, the vast majority of consumers buy locally.  Your customers simply like to see and touch before they buy. In many cases, they prefer to work with someone local. Someone they can get to know and trust. (Hint: Price is a factor. Be prepared to negotiate cost. Consumers prefer to shop locally, but if the price difference is too great they will shop elsewhere.)

So, are you virtually invisible?

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Your customers are online. Are they finding you, or your competition?