Your website is ready to go. You launch it, then sit back, relax and wait for people to visit.

This, my friends, is a fantasy! Gone are the days of “If you build it they will come.” More accurately it becomes, “if you build it, YOU have something nice to look at.”

online presenceHaving a website and having a web presence are two completely different things. However, they do go hand in hand if you want to get found online.

No need to spend loads of money on a lavish website that’s flashy and pretty. I use the word “pretty” loosely here because it is one thing to have a website be appealing to the end user and another to have it overcrowded with color and content isn’t user friendly.

People who search for things online already have a basic understanding of how to navigate around a website, so there is no need to explain to them how to do this. Instead, show them what you can do for them.

We recommend to our clients to budget wisely when creating your online presence. No one, unless they are a web designer, will go to your site and say, “Wow! Look at how they made their borders 2 pixels wide and used an animated gif to bring some movement to the page!”

Your website visitors are more interested in “Does this page answer my question?” A simple, clean page keeps them interested and engaged. To this end, I recommend spending money on creating a website that is functional, engaging AND spend more money attracting people to your site.

In other words, have an online marketing budget and use it.

Let’s address the website home page design first. If you don’t have a website yet or you are thinking of revamping your current site, here are several points to consider.

  • Always use visuals. Visuals give visitors the split-second instant recognition of “Okay, here is what this business does.? High resolution images will set you apart.
  • If your business is consulting or coaching, something that is difficult to show visually, be very precise and clear about what you do in the words you use. Keep it short and to the point and make them large enough for people to see quickly.
  • Stand back from your website and do the squint eye test. What stands out the most to you? Can you scan across the page and find out quickly what your business does?
  • What is the main thing you want someone to do when they visit your website? We will call this “the big bonanza”. Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter? Click on a video, download a document, or view a product? This big bonanza must be the focal point of the site and appear above-the-fold and in the middle of the page. (Above-the-fold is an old newspaper term. On your website, it means that the focal point appears on the screen without scrolling down.)
  • Always ask yourself, is my page clear about what I do? Is it simple and free from distraction? Provide the next step instead of overwhelming them with 25 different things to choose from.

At ZK Dezigns, we offer clients an affordable way to begin creating an online presence. We talk about it first and then create it. If you are looking for flashy and fancy, then we can refer you to someone else. But, if you are looking for functional, stylish and a little pizazz then we can help you with that.

My team helps you do what you love so you can love what you do forever!

After the web design is perfect, we will refer you to Next Stage Marketing to custom design a complete web presence. Then you?ll have the complete package!

Kelly Wright is the owner/designer at ZK Dezigns. To view her portfolio, please visit

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