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Your goal is to reach the #1 position in a search engine listing for your website. That is a lofty goal but it can and does happen. However, there is only one top listing for a keyword phrase, so how do you earn that spot? Off-page search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important factors to increasing your ranking results.

What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is essentially about building inbound links (AKA citations) or getting other quality websites to link back to you. Search engines call this “authority” or “link juice”. The more inbound links you have, the more important your site must be, so the higher your site will rank.10854683_s_winner

Link building isn’t easy because adding links to other websites is often out of your control. Here are some tips for building inbound links the proper way:

  • Create high-quality, educational or entertaining content on your blog, web pages and social media posts. If people like your content, they will naturally want to link to it.
  • Write guest posts for other blogs. This is win-win for both parties. People want extra (quality) links from others and in exchange, it’s a great way to build inbound links.
  • Submit your website to online directories. This is an easy way to start. You can do some of it yourself if you know which directories to use and have loads of extra time on your hand. You can also work with a service vendor like Next Stage Marketing that provides off-page SEO that will showcase your business in directories with enhanced listings that attract attention.
  • Research link-building opportunities with other websites, but always check the authority of the websites you are trying to get links from.
  • Never beg, borrow, barter, bribe or buy links. Quality matters and search engines frown upon the practice and may penalize you. (Believe me, they know!)

Your goal on each directory listing is to showcase your business. Fill out the submission form completely. Once the listing is published, you should also verify it through each site’s verification process.

Off-page SEO is often overlooked and may seem confusing at first, however, building inbound links is essential to getting your website found in a keyword search. If you have nothing but time on your hands, you can work on your own off-page SEO strategy.

We find that most business owners would rather have a pro handle this important internet marketing strategy so they can get back to the business of running their business. To learn more about how off-page SEO might improve your search rankings, ask us for a free consultation today.

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