Facebook, Instagram or YouTube? How do I incorporate keywords into my blog posts? How often should I email my customers? What is the best automation tool for managing my online marketing strategy?

The list of challenges for marketing in today’s online universe is endless. The internet has us moving at light speed causing us to respond to the never-ending revisions of algorithms, platforms, and technology.

The pace is dizzying. What’s a marketer to do?

Stop and take a breath. Focus. Be present. The future for marketers is quite bright. With more technology comes more real-time analysis of your efforts. Your ability to adapt to customer preferences and technology developments is immediate—if you take the time to analyze it and adjust your plan.

That’s a fairly big IF.

If your only responsibility is marketing, you know what I mean. Being THE marketing person means your only focus is marketing, not sales, not HR, not payroll.

But if you are the owner, the entrepreneur, the go-to person who runs the daily business operations, you might feel like you’re always chasing the marketing merry-go-round. Generating sales and managing customer expectations are of the highest priority.  Chasing down the latest and greatest marketing tool might be on your to-do list—from 12 months ago.

successful-womanThere is a better and, ultimately, a more profitable way.

Hire an agency.

With an agency, your agent becomes a team member; developing plans and strategies that fuel growth. They have the time and knowledge to review analytics and provide recommendations. They “do” marketing every day. It’s their priority and when you are the client, your priorities become their priorities too.

With an agency, you hire the talent and expertise you don’t have time to develop.

With an agency, you have a strategic partner in your corner to plan and execute your marketing plans, so you can manage the other aspects of the business.

With an agency, you will more likely get to do the kind of work you like to do—the inspiration that motivated you to start your business in the first place.

Your marketing agency does what it does best—plan and execute marketing strategies that are designed to attract your perfect customer.

A savvy marketer stays abreast of developing technology and media platforms through daily reading and learning opportunities. They utilize the best tools that serve their clients needs. Marketing is what they eat for breakfast, discuss over lunch and choose to peruse before they snooze!

Marketers love what they do as much as you love what you do! That’s why they do it!

If you are one-horse wonder and the ultimate DIYer, my hat is off to you! Planning, researching, analyzing, writing, testing and executing isn’t for sissies! Even I sometimes have to stretch to get my own blog written. There is only so much time in a day and clients come first. But, we practice what we preach and lead by example. We have a plan and we execute – on time.

If you are juggling your responsibilities and struggling to keep up, an agency might be your best solution.

Can you afford it?

What if your agency gave you the time you needed to prioritize the other aspects of your business?

What if your agency’s work produced more online traffic and generated increased sales?

What if your agency turned you into the recognized brand in your market sector?

The real question is how can you not afford to hire an agency?

There is a better way to manage your online marketing strategy.

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