A few months ago, word got back to me that someone was talking about me behind my back. The scenario both surprised and delighted me! They weren’t talking badly about me. They were surprised at my communication approach with them.

How novel… and funny! I used a tool that’s been available in transcontinental America for more than 100 years. It’s called the telephone; the only and best communication device we had pre-Google…just a mere 20 years ago.

She was talking about me because I called her.

That made me smile. I surprised here with a technique that predates Google.

I needed an answer to a question, so I called. We had a quick conversation and clarified a few things. Our work together moved on with my newfound answers.

Sure, I could have emailed, but why? In the time it would have taken me to pick and choose exactly the right words, describe my request, review, edit, send….and then wait for a reply…not to mention she would have to respond in a precise manner as well…I got the job done by making a quick phone call.

For some situations, email simply takes too long.

Why are so many people afraid to make a quick call and connect?

Why are they hiding behind a screen? What are they afraid of?

Conversations are better.

Make the call. Get clarification. No back and forth. No chasing the answer. No waiting. Boom! Done.

Sometimes, email (and its best friend texting) are chicken $h!! ways of communicating. I’m sorry, but there’s no other way to describe the lack of courage demonstrated in hiding behind a screen and avoiding the chance to interact with another human being. Waiting around for answers certainly isn’t an efficient way to get things done either.

Just pick up the phone and CALL!

Surprise the people you are working with! Take the initiative to make a phone call. That digital device you walk around with that keeps you connected to the digital world…where your thumbs help you live secretly behind a screen…also makes phone calls. It’s the perfect way to connect with your world when you can’t be there in person!

Surprise your family and your friends too. Less than five minutes after I announced on Facebook my impending long-distance move, my phone rang. It was my dear friend, Merv, calling to verify that he had interpreted my post correctly. He was overjoyed with the news! He and I hadn’t spoken in a couple of years. Merv wanted me to know that he was happy we were returning to the area. His initiative to pick up the phone and call gave us the opportunity to catch up on what was going on in each other’s life. I was happy (and impressed) he took the time to call. It made me feel appreciated. Now I am even more excited to return to my hometown!

Just make the call. Maybe you’ll make somebody else’s day too!