The holiday season is in full swing and the year-end hoopla is straight ahead. Busy entrepreneurs are celebrating a year of success or painfully sweating the last few sales days of the year. For some, it’s make it or break it time!

Anticipation for the New Year is right around the corner. On January 1st, it’s as if you can feel the whole world sigh in relief of the year that just ended. Quietly, business owners shift gears into the start of a New Year with the promise of what lies ahead.

Some people like to make New Year’s resolutions. I’m not into that. Research shows that 23% of people give up on their resolutions within the first seven days of the year. That means one in four people FAIL in the first week of the year.

For me, every day is a new day to begin again. I am one of those unusual people who look forward to Monday. Mondays are full of optimism and the promise of what is to be accomplished in the week ahead. My business plans and deadlines are scheduled. I schedule every gym visit on my calendar – and keep most of those appointments. I continue to work on my public speaking skills through Toastmasters to assure that I can communicate effectively and professionally whenever the need arises. And, the need always arises.

On New Year’s Day, I can’t wait to jump into the New Year. October is my planning time of the year so in January it feels like everyone else catches up with me. In the fall, I assess where we are as a company and what lies ahead. It’s a like spring cleaning with a twist. I look at what’s working, what isn’t and what can be changed. The digital marketplace changes every day so I’m always on the lookout for what’s new and what’s trending. On January 1st, I’m ready to go on anything I haven’t already put into motion. Why wait? I have a vision, a direction and a plan for how to grow my business as well as how to improve personally.

I am accused of being disciplined. I’m sure it had something to do with my upbringing and the 43 years of ballet training. Show up, on time, every time, do your best, work as part of a team and treat everyone with respect. Understand that sometimes you are the leader and other times your role is to follow. Sometimes it isn’t your turn at all so just get out of the way!

And, there’s decades of working in the deadline-driven business of advertising. Miss a deadline and your reputation is tarnished.

I make plans and I execute. Every day. And, I encourage my clients to do the same—even if I must continually prod them along the way.

Some might see that as pushy. Not everyone is organized and driven so they need an “accountability partner” to help make things happen. I can be that accountability partner.

I work with many business owners who see marketing as a priority as I do and others who may have the best of intentions, but things happen when they happen. I work well with either one. One moves faster than the other. It’s my role to support and execute an agreed-upon plan in a time and manner that works for my clients.

It’s like a finely choreographed dance that moves to the beat of someone else’s drum.

Marketing and advertising isn’t a cookie-cutter business. That’s what I love about what I do. It isn’t boring. And it changes from day to day. My clients are different. Their brand goals, budgets, demographics, marketing savvy and risk tolerance all play a role in their business model. My job is to provide expertise and help them execute. To be effective, I adapt to their individual style, workflow and urgency.

Being a small, boutique agency, we have the flexibility to customize every aspect of our relationship with our clients. We work at their pace, within their budget. Both large and small companies, we customize every aspect of what we do.

2017 was a very good year for Next Stage Marketing. We are working with clients in multiple states and across diverse business categories. Budgets are large, small and everywhere in between.

What about you? How was your year?

What are your plans to grow your business in 2018?

When you hire Next Stage Marketing, you aren’t getting just another online marketing company with one-size-fits-all solutions. When you work with us, you are working with experienced professionals. The collective experience in multiple marketing disciplines over decades brings a unique mindset to every discussion. If we don’t specialize in what you need, we know someone who does, and we bring them in to work on your team.

What’s holding you back?

Isn’t it time you put a marketing professional on your team?

Tomorrow is a new day and another chance to start over again.

Let’s talk. I’m here. I’m ready. And I’m listening.